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  • Comparing the Corona outbreak in Scandinavia and South/South-East Asia

    I have read the WHO’s sitreps on CoViD-19 daily since the end of January 2020, where I was visiting Viet Nam. I now live in Denmark (a Scandinavian country) where the Corona virus has shut down society and many people have tested positive. When I compare the numbers for Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden) with a […]

  • Our Sagawind 20

    Through hulls on Sagawind 20 This year we bought an old sail boat from 1979 – a Sagawind 20. My first order of concern is to check the location and state of the through hulls, which are perhaps the most critical part of a sail boat. There is literally a hole through the hull! Special […]

  • London Pirate Radio Documentaries

  • Frk. Slimas Fornemmelse for Snot

    Af Kostas Kefaloukos Danmark er et lille halvkoldt land, halvlangt mod nord. Det er ikke så koldt at der er særligt meget sne. Til gengæld blæser det meget og regner hele tiden. Disse vejrforhold gør at danskerne ofte bliver forkølede og udvikler store mængder af snot i næse og svælg. På samme måder som grønlænderne […]

  • Terms used in shipping

    Now that I work in shipping, it is necessary to learn a bunch of new terms. Shipping is regulated under Admiralty Law and there are traditional documents and parties involved. Knowing what these are is crucial to understanding shipping. Legal documents There are three key documents involved with shipping: Bill of Lading (sometimes abbreviated as […]

  • Immerse yourself in the social graph of your email

  • The purpose of language by Chomsky

    In the following Google video, Noam Chomsky raises and answers the interesting question: what amazing insights into language have linguistics revealed, which the public does not know about?. He answers that human natural language was propably developed to support the human thinking process, not to serve as a means of communication. He believes that language […]

  • Recursive relationship between humans, computers and human societies

    This post is influenced by a talk I had with Marcos Vaz Salles and a debate that happened between Foucault and Chomsky in 1970. The relationship between humans and societies is a recursive relationship. Human beings influence societies and societies in turn influence human beings. Next, humans are influencing the societies that they themselves have […]

  • Do What You Want

    The message of this movie is “do what you want”. The video is a meditative portrait of a man who was once a successful medical doctor, and who as 60+ lives in a small studio in Los Angeles (i think). Every day, he goes out to skate the beaches of Southern California with a big […]

  • The scale of the Danish cyber effort

    How much money does Denmark spend on cyber defense, compared to the U.S? In total and per citizen. This is what I’ll look at in this post. I’ll also try to get an initial idea of what is going on. Why am I doing this? Actually, just out of curiosity, and to kill some time […]