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  • When to be most careful about catching the flu?

    Continuing on my blogification of Peter Norvigs excellent talk, the question is, when to watch out for the flu, e.g. if you live in Denmark? 1) Go to 2) Type in the word “influenza” 3) Select your geographical region (Denmark in my case) 4) See data up to year 2008, to avoid the graph […]

  • How long is a year?

    How to find out how long a year is on Earth by only analyzing text? This approach is lifted straight from an excellent and very inspiring talk by Peter Norvig. 1) Go to 2) Type in the word “Icecream” 3) Measure the distance between the peaks (turns out that the average is exactly the […]

  • A gallery of big graphs

    I like graphs. There is a gallery of big ones over at

  • Playing with GraphViz and MathGenealogy data

    Math in Genealogy is a great project (donate online). Sven Köhler from Potsdam, Germany has written a python script for visualizing the database, which I’m going to try. First step is to clone the git repo: $ git clone His instructions are quite simple: $ ./ –search 38586 # 30 seconds $ ./ –display […]

  • Gregory Palamas 1363

    This stuff blows my mind. Gregory Palamas (1296–135), spelled Γρηγόριος Παλαμάς in greek, was a monk on Mount Athos, a place I’ve visited with my father two times. It is a beautiful peninsula in northern Greece, scattered with old monasteries. Furthermore, only men have been allowed on the peninsula for around a thousand years. Palamas […]

  • DIKU APL Group IRC channel

    Come join the DIKU APL channel on IRC:

  • A new side to Bill Gates

    I don’t know why, but I really liked to read this post by Bill Gates. In an odd way it was heart warming :-) Three Things I’ve Learned From Warren Buffett Maybe I should start reading Bill Gates blog as well, just for more of that feel good vibe I got from reading the blog […]

  • NSA back door

    This is geek humor at it’s best, and is one of the funniest reactions to PRISM I have seen. Here is a screenshot from the github project flask-nsa The project description simply goes: “Give the NSA free backdoor access to your Flask app”. <3

  • Surviving a startup with small children in the house

    The question: Is it possible to be an entrepreneur while having small children and a wife? Here is what a bunch of entrepreneurs say about that: Entrepreneur      Verdict Jason RobertsPasadena He says yes. Has three kids aged 6, 4 and 2 and several startups behind him or in the works, including AppIgnite. Jason CalacanisLos Angeles […]

  • Evolving database algorithms through human experiments

    Here is something fun to do on a sunny day. The idea is the following: A group of people collectively designing an algorithm by playing a game.