Fun and trivia

Playing with GraphViz and MathGenealogy data

Math in Genealogy is a great project (donate online). Sven Köhler from Potsdam, Germany has written a python script for visualizing the database, which I’m going to try. First step is to clone the git repo: $ git clone$ git clone His instructions are quite simple: $ ./ –search 38586 # 30 seconds …

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Gregory Palamas 1363

This stuff blows my mind. Gregory Palamas (1296–135), spelled Γρηγόριος Παλαμάς in greek, was a monk on Mount Athos, a place I’ve visited with my father two times. It is a beautiful peninsula in northern Greece, scattered with old monasteries. Furthermore, only men have been allowed on the peninsula for around a thousand years. Palamas …

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NSA back door

This is geek humor at it’s best, and is one of the funniest reactions to PRISM I have seen. Here is a screenshot from the github project flask-nsa The project description simply goes: “Give the NSA free backdoor access to your Flask app”. <3

Surviving a startup with small children in the house

The question: Is it possible to be an entrepreneur while having small children and a wife? Here is what a bunch of entrepreneurs say about that: Entrepreneur      Verdict Jason RobertsPasadena He says yes. Has three kids aged 6, 4 and 2 and several startups behind him or in the works, including AppIgnite. Jason CalacanisLos Angeles …

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