Must remember to salt my hashes

While a sha-256 hash may seem unbreakable, for many input strings it takes seconds to crack. If you don’t believe me, try the following or simply read this webpage: $ python >>> import hashlib >>> print hashlib.sha256(‘megabrain’).hexdigest() f53c51616f4c7943a4117afa1d0ba193f9af901c6ce175a2207a594e71c98ef5 Go to, paste the hash into the text area, click “crack hashes” and see it the …

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The stuff of spy movies #2

The spy-files Hadn’t heard about The Wikileaks Spy Files before today. This post is a follow up on the previous post on surveillance software. Who knows, maybe I have some of that on my computer as I’m typing this. Better smile and wave at the webcam :-)