Category: Security

  • Must remember to salt my hashes

    While a sha-256 hash may seem unbreakable, for many input strings it takes seconds to crack. If you don’t believe me, try the following or simply read this webpage: $ python >>> import hashlib >>> print hashlib.sha256(‘megabrain’).hexdigest() f53c51616f4c7943a4117afa1d0ba193f9af901c6ce175a2207a594e71c98ef5 Go to, paste the hash into the text area, click “crack hashes” and see it the […]

  • The scale of the Danish cyber effort

    How much money does Denmark spend on cyber defense, compared to the U.S? In total and per citizen. This is what I’ll look at in this post. I’ll also try to get an initial idea of what is going on. Why am I doing this? Actually, just out of curiosity, and to kill some time […]

  • The stuff of spy movies #2

    The spy-files Hadn’t heard about The Wikileaks Spy Files before today. This post is a follow up on the previous post on surveillance software. Who knows, maybe I have some of that on my computer as I’m typing this. Better smile and wave at the webcam :-)

  • The stuff of spy movies #1

    Reporters without borders (RSF) have a website on topic: The topic being malware that can be used to spy on you through your own computer. It is frightening and intriguing at the same time.