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  • RM papers

    Optimal Dynamic Pricing of Inventories over Finite Horizons

  • Unusual instruments in Vietnam

    The nose flute The Duo A’Reng, a primitive talkbox!

  • Getting back into operations research

    For the last five years, I have been fascinated with machine learning techniques, but that fascination is slowly running out. I increasingly consider ML a tool in my tool box among others, not a panacea to all problems. In particular, I’d like to return to other algorithmic techniques from my educational back, i.e. computer science. […]

  • Good Book, Bad Program

    Programming is like writing a book. Both programs and books are written in a language, e.g. Datalog or Tagalog, but the similarity goes deeper than that. Imagine that you must write a book with the subject "a man walks his dog". There are endless ways to write that book, but only a few of them […]

  • Create a European city map with population density

    Datasets: – Urban morphological zones 2000 (EU): – Population count (World): – Administrative regions (World): The map is European since the “urban” data from the European Environmental Agency (EEA) only covers Europe. Caveats The UMZ data ended up in PostGIS with srid 900914. You can use to convert the contents of […]

  • How to create a world-wide PostgreSQL database of administrative regions

    The GADM database contains geographical data for administrative regions, e.g. countries, regions and municipalities. As always, once you have the data in the right format, it is easy to import it into a database. The data is available from GADM in several formats. All data has the coordinate reference system in longitude/latitude and theWGS84 datum. […]

  • How to assess computers on your local area network

    I teach children how to programm and do other things with technology in an organisation called Coding Pirates in Denmark, which aims to be a kind of scout movement for geeks. A best seller among the kids is learning how to hack and I see this as a unique opportunity to convey some basic human […]

  • Urban Mining – Gold from Airbags,

    Airbag sensors There is a small amount of gold inside the Airbag sensor. The sensor contains a small gold-plated marble, which amounts to some tiny amount of gold. Integrated Chips One kilogram of chips contains 1-8 grams of gold (according to Archimedes Channel on YouTube). Judging from the video they look for gold in the […]

  • Apache Zeppelin (incubator) rocks!

    At Spark Summit Europe 2015, several presenters made use of Apache Zeppeling, which is a notebook (a la IPython) for Spark. I immediately wanted to try it out myself. I also highly recommend you to download and try it out if you like Spark. But one note: download Zeppelin from GitHub rather than from the […]

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