Category: Fun and trivia

  • Low tech male/female voice detection system

    I was drinking a bootle of water, while listening to a group of people having a debate. As the water level sunk, I noticed something. In the beginning the bottle would resonate/vibrate when the people with higher pitch voices talked. When the bottle was nearly empty, it would resonate/vibrate (and more so) when people with […]

  • Are IEEE papers getting less citations because of the paywall?

    I’m in the process of doing research for my computer science ph.d. project. Like many others, I’m using Google Scholar to find interesting papers for my research. Some papers are available through ACM and some through IEEE.

  • Saving output from ‘text to speech’ to a file on Mac OS X

    In terminal you can write something like: say ‘hello world’ Which will make your computer talk. To save the audio output to a file, use the -o option. A full example is: say -o hello.aiff -v ‘Alex’ ‘Hello, my name is Alex’ open hello.aiff This will say ‘Hello, my name is Alex’, in the voice […]

  • Finding a route from one wikipedia page to another

    Here’s a game I like to play. Select two wikipedia pages at random, and find a route from one to the other. I stated a theorem once that: you can get from any page on wikipedia to the page on pollination in 7 steps or less. (it was actually another page, but let’s say it […]

  • China in a few years?

    Completely off topic. Just a thought, is this what China will look like in a few years? A country of old people, governed by the children of the one-child policy era… Wonder how that will affect the current financial situation in the west.