The stuff of spy movies #2

The spy-files

Hadn't heard about The Wikileaks Spy Files before today. This post is a follow up on the previous post on surveillance software. Who knows, maybe I have some of that on my computer as I'm typing this. Better smile and wave at the webcam :-)

There is a map that shows for each country, the private companies that deal in cyber-surveillance. For Denmark (where I live) these companies are:

They have the most boring websites I have ever laid eyes on. One simple says "for access to this website please contact" on the front page. Not in text. With an image. It's secret, you see. But still, it is less secret than, who require a correct client certificate to even show you their front page.

I'm sure someone is sitting in a room right now going: "what is that guy doing looking at our secret front page, what does he want" :-) and it is probably true. It's 11:42 PM after all. Not much else to do if you are on guard at the ol' surveillance company.

The companies deal in internet monitoring, phone monitoring, sms monitoring and speech analysis, which sound like privileged access is required to run the deal. Maybe the spy files can tell me what these three companies have been up to in year 2012 and earlier?

A quick Google reveals a Computer World article on Spectronic.

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