Surviving a startup with small children in the house

The question: Is it possible to be an entrepreneur while having small children and a wife? Here is what a bunch of entrepreneurs say about that:

Entrepreneur      Verdict

Jason Roberts
He says yes. Has three kids aged 6, 4 and 2 and several startups behind him or in the works, including AppIgnite.

Jason Calacanis
Los Angeles
He says yes, but not if it is your first startup. Has one kid, perhaps aged 2. Is a well-known entrepreneur with several startups behind him.

Gini Dietrich
She says no, has no children. Has at least two startups behind her.

Jessica Stillman
She says yes, if you are willing to give up a certain bond with your kids (between the lines, is it worth it?). The post is actually more a resume of what other people have said, so open it and follow the links.

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