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  • Yummy 3D plots

    Very nice interactive 3D plots with Plotly. import plotly.graph_objects as go import numpy as np import pandas as pd # Read data from a csv Z = pd.read_csv('').values # Actually not necessary to provide X and Y… X = np.linspace(0, 1000, Z.shape[0]) Y = np.linspace(0, 1000, Z.shape[1]) fig = go.Figure(data=[go.Surface(x=X, y=Y, z=Z)]) fig.update_layout(title='Mt Bruno Elevation', […]

  • How to scrape images from the web

    I’m interested in object detection and other computer vision tasks. For example, I’m working on a teddy-bear detector with my son. So, how do you quickly download images for a certain category? You can use this approach that I learned from a course on Udemy. In the above example, the crawler will find images in […]

  • How to get structured Wikipedia data via DBPedia

    Wikipedia contains a wealth of knowledge. While some of that knowledge consists of natural language descriptions, a rich share of information on Wikipedia is encoded in machine-readable format, such as “infoboxes” and other specially formatted parts. An infobox is rendered as a table that you typically see on the right-hand side of an article. While […]

  • Visualization of a social network based on the Danish music scene

    En visualisering af et Københavnsk musik-offentligheds-netværk af facebooksider

  • Linked Data: First Blood

    Knowing a lot about something, makes me more prone to appraising its value. I unfortunately know very little about Linked data. For this reason, I’ve had a very biased and shamefully low opinion about the concept of linked data. I’ve decided to change this. A repository of linked data that I’ve recently taken an interest […]

  • Finding the haystack

    Indtil denne sommer troede mange, at de kendte til sandheden om, at det er svært at finde nålen i høstakken. Kun de færreste vidste, at man har vendt ordsproget på hovedet i efterretningsverdenen. Her siger man, at »for at finde nålen, har vi brug for høstakken«.

  • Free geographical data: Installment 1

    National Land Survey of Finland: Geoscience Australia: Ordnance Survey

  • Free map tiles

    Map Tile Sources Here is a list of free sources for map tiles. I’ll expand this list as I find more free tiles. Notice that some websites require an attribution. I’ll perhaps update this post with the attribution line for each. Stamen “Toner” World-wide, clean B/W theme

  • Danish Government Basic Data program 2012-2016

    The Agency for Digitisation in Denmark has just published their agenda for publication of so called “Basic Data”. The following page is in english: Good Basic Data for Everyone – a Driver for Growth and Efficiency