Category: Hacking 101

  • See who is hosting a website

    To see who is hosting a website (e.g., you will need the IP address of the website and the WHOIS record for that IP address. You can obtain both from the command-line. Obtain the IP address for # Ping the website ping # Alternatively, use traceroute and note the last IP address […]

  • How to chat between computers using netcat on Mac and Linux

    In our home we have a mix of Mac and Linux computers. My children have a Raspberry Pi in their room and I have a Mac at my desk. Today we chatted with each other through the Terminal running on both computers. Hi children! Dudududududududu Am I talking to a bird? ^v^ (It was a […]

  • How to discover devices on your network (Mac/Linux)

    There are several ways to check what devices are currently logged on to your network (e.g. WiFi at home). The first option is to use arp, which I have found works the best. There will be some cases where it does not work. In the following example, I’ll assume that your IP address is […]