Google fusion tables cheat sheet

See below for commands using the Fusion Tables API. Example table is the oldschool message wall public table. Note that examples are shown first without the required url-encoding.

Authenticating: Getting the auth token

To authenticate you may use the following test account myjdoe.

  • account:
  • password: JoesSecret



Auth is the token.

To make an authenticated POST request use the following header: Authorization: GoogleLogin auth=DQAAAHoAAA... which includes the token.

Query with SELECT

Querying data is done with HTTP GET and the SELECT command. Does not require authentication for public, exportable tables like the oldschool message wall public table.

Select all rows * FROM 380584

Try it.

Select rows with WHERE clause Message FROM 380584 WHERE User='Kostas'

Try it.

Select rows with spatial clause * FROM 380584 WHERE ST_INTERSECTS(Geo, CIRCLE(LATLNG(55.67892,12.58338),5000))

Try it.

Add data with INSERT

Adding rows of data is done with HTTP POST and the INSERT command. Requires authentication.

Notice we are using the token retrieved in the authentication step.



Get column names with DESCRIBE

Discovering column names is done with HTTP POST and the DESCRIBE command. Requires authentication.

Notice we are using the token retrieved in the authentication step.


column id,name,type

Client libraries by Google

To help create the API calls, you can use the client libraries developed and shared by Google instead of curl.

Libraries exist for the following languages:

Client libraries
Java gdata-java-client
Javascript gdata-javascript-client
.NET google-gdata
PHP Distributed as part of zend.
Python gdata-python-client
Objective C gdata-objectivec-client

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  1. I needed to UPDATE some rows and it worked perfectly for my account. Thousand thanks and thousand more again.

    For auth only worked obtaining a google certificate (.pem file) and add –cacert {.pem file} to the curl params.

    but… my fusiontable does not show the location points that i’ve modified. and format is correct!

  2. Hola buen día, quiero que me ayuden con un problema que tengo , ya que quiero agregar campos, agregar tablas o hacer otra consulta a fusion tables mediante una consulta SQL,

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